Paella Pan 14″, Medium Rim (2.5″) – two Loop Handles


14″ Paella Pan with 2.5″ rim and two loop handles.

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Paella Pan 14″ Medium – two loop handles with 2 1/2″ Rim

Ultimate Chef – after researching the best practices for skillets, frying pans and paella pans, Martin decided to create the most superior pan possible: fast heat uptake, even & consistent transference, smooth finish with high non-stick properties, high food safety standard, diverse usage capabilities, unmatched durability, and a proven track record as the very best tool available to the home chef, creative foodie, and the  professional wanting only the very best.

Martin designed more than just a frying pan, each one is a work of art, perfectly shaped with beveled edges. The floor is hand hammered to facilitate a reservoir of oil and steam. The handle is woven, reducing the heat transference and the risk of burns. Every pan is stamped with a maple leaf and ‘M.J. Reinhard’.IMG_1424 The pans are crafted from Carbon Steel, the hands-down favourite with professional chefs in Europe. This very smooth, dense metal is stronger, lighter and more ductile than cast iron, facilitating lower heats and faster cooking times. It readily acquires a truly nonstick surface – a patina of polymerized oil to produce a high caliber cooking surface. These pans are available for order on this site now.

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Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 51 x 41 x 16 cm