Meet Martin

Swiss born Master Blacksmith and sculptor – Martin Reinhard – emigrated to Canada at the age of 21.   Martin creates hand-forged pieces that include  lamps,  fireplace screens & accessories,  sculptures,  tables,  lamps and other custom works of art.   Martin has created pieces for movie stars, businesses, custom homes and movie sets. Truly one-of-one, hand-crafted items created with traditional and time-honoured skill.

A particular item that evolved from Martin’s personal quest to more efficiently stoke the fire in his forge is the MR QuickSplit. – a beautiful and functional piece and original gift to complement any woodshed or cottage.  (AS SEEN on Dragon’s Den)

In the news

Blacksmith in Routes Magazine Fall 2011

Radio-Canada Français Interview 2015


Fabriqué au Canada : l’entreprise Willow Creek Forge est l’affaire d’un seul homme qui ne rêve pas d’expansion ou de production industrielle. Le propriétaire est un forgeron albertain qui vend des poêlons d’acier, conçus avec minutie. Reportage de Geneviève Normand.

Posted by RDI Économie on Monday, 21 December 2015